Features 1
» It is high speed yet high Energy type Drop Hammer with an 70% increase of strikes per time.
» Running at high speeds yet offers not less striking power.
» The stroke is short, the diameter of the piston rod is increased accordingly to maintain the proper weight of the machine. Thus there is no risk of piston rod failure.
» Short strokes means a low center of gravity resulting in stable installation.
» Ideal for the mass production of a great variety of forging including bars and general shape.

Features 2
» The outstanding characteristic of this machine is driven by pneumatic power with is suitable for any type of precise forging products of uniform mass production.
» The significant performance of this machine will assure the accurate size of the most difficult processing product in corresponding to its original shape, by utilizing the material post heating molding property. It saves labor and decrease production cost.
» This machine possess highly precise and reliable feature, providing the simple and quick operation of switch dies and molds will definitely increase your production capability.
» Made of the strong cast steel and alloy steel, the machine is the design of the precision processing. The vibration has been greatly minimized no matter how strong the
impact may de. it provides the zero defect operations, absolutely free of eccentricity. The forge press is a highly efficient unit furnished with the best safety devices.

Applicable Forging Products :

Type Unt Tyh-500 (1/2 Ton) Tyh-2000 (2 Ton)
Max. Strocke Length mm L 900 1100
Shut Height mm M 130 360
Inlet Pipe Diameter in 3 5
Exhale Pipe Diameter in 3.5 6
Required Air Compressor HP 75 200
Machine Width mm A 1800 3100
Machine Length mm B 1000 1600
Machine Height mm C 4160 6200
Required Hight For Assembling mm D 6400 7900